The European Judo Union is delighted to announce and introduce a recently established EJU Kata Experts group. Eight dedicated member has joined to create the unit.

Vice-President of EJU, Jane Bridge-Charlot concluded information regarding the EJU Kata Expert Group;

"Each member of the EJU Kata Experts commission is specialized in his kata and is either World or European Champion. Their role is to give advice and support for the promotion and development of kata. They will assist in seminars and advise in judging matters. We trust in their knowledge, experience and passion to lead the way for kata development." 

EJU Kata Experts

Surname Familyname Nation Kata Specialist Dan
MAURIZIO CALDERINI ITA Kodokan Goshin Justu 5th dan
STEFANO PROIETTI ITA Katame No Kata 5th dan
PEDRO GONCALVES POR Kodokan Goshin Jutsu 7th dan
NICOLAS GILON BEL Nage No Kata 4th dan
JEAN PHILIPPE GILON BEL Katame No Kata 4th dan


2017 Kata Grand Slam 2017 & Kata World Championships

Here is some information regarding the 2017 Kata Grand Slam 2017 & Kata World Championships being held this year: Kata GS and Kata WC outlines 2017_WC_Kata_Forms Kata_Training_camp2017

Judo Chop Suey Podcast Ep. 28 - The First Judo World Champion In American History

A professional wrestler picks a fight with the Kodokan…..and wins?  Thoughts on the Cancun Grand Prix and Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Conor McGregor.

The Judo Chop Suey podcast is sponsored by The Nik and Si show.  The Nik and Si show can be watched at the following link: https://www.youtube.com/user/nikandsi  

The outline of the show is as follows:

  • Thoughts on Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs Conor McGregor. [3:45]  
  • New Superstar Judo trailer. [8:23]  
  • Listener Reaction. [11:44]  
  • The First World Judo Champion in American History. [13:36]  
  • Thoughts on Cancun Grand Prix. [35:42]  

 Matches from the Cancun Grand Prix worth watching:  

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Over 400 athletes from 42 different countries are heading out to Kaunas, Lithuania, to participate at the 2017 Cadet European Judo Championships. The total number of ten medallists will return to stage from last year, three of whom will aim to defend their titles. Namely, Artjoms GALAKTIONOVS (LAT), SIPOCZ Richard (HUN) and Anja OBRADOVIC (SRB).

In white: Anja OBRADOVIC (SRB)

Galaktionovs won the -66kg category and he is seeking to repeat his success within the same weight division. Hungary’s Sipocz closed the show last year with a golden performance in the +90kg category. Obradovic claimed the 2016 Cadet European title in the -63kg category, where her sister, Jovana, finished third place. This year, for the first time, Anja will have to take the crown on her own as her sister stepped into the Junior stage.   

In blue: FECZKO Csanad (HUN)

The seven medal winner returners will be aiming to brighten up their silvers and bronzes by a golden closer. FECZKO Csanad of Hungary won silver medal last year in the -50kg category and on Friday, he will be looking to sing his national anthem alongside his team mate, MAROTI Alexandra who also won silver last year, yet in the -52kg category. We will see Maroti in action again, yet, a weight division above. 

In blue: Jente VERSTRAETEN (BEL)

Jente VERSTRAETEN of Belgium is following the footsteps of his brother, Jorre. The 16-year-old Belgian judoka claimed silver last year and undoubtedly, in Kaunas, she will seek for victory. Both, Mascha BALLHAUS of Germany and Andrea STOJADINOV of Serbia finished third place in the -48kg category last year. This particular weight class was dominated by Daria Bilodid of Ukraine, who is now a Cadet, Junior and Senior European Champion. Having Bilodid stepped out of the cadet zone will give a fresh breeze for all aiming for gold.

In white: Sophio SOMKHISHVILI (GEO)

Sophio SOMKHISHVILI of Georgia had to settle for silver in 2016, however, after a strong preparation, she is looking to excel in the +70kg category. It is exactly what 2016 bronze medallist, Helena VUKOVIC of Croatia will be looking to do. Could we perhaps see the pair of them in the final?

Vigmantas Sinkevicius, President of Lithuanian Judo Federation

"We are delighted and honoured to have the opportunity to organize an event of this importance. I am sure that our experienced organization will do their best to arrange memorable Championships for all teams and also spectators. Kaunas is a vibrant, green and open minded city in the heart of Lithuania, surrounded by two rivers of Nemunas and Neris. So therefore, I hope that you will take a chance to looking around our beautiful city of Kaunas. I wish a sportsmanlike, tough and honest competition to all of us. May the best win and may everyone have a wonderful time. Best of luck to all of you!"

Sergey Soloveychik, President of European Judo Union

"It gives me great pleasure on behalf of the European Judo Union to welcome competitors, officials and spectators to these European Judo Championships for Cadets being staged this year in Kaunas, Lithuania. The EJU places particular importance on the growth and development of Cadet judo and encourages a strong emphasis not only on enjoyment but also the provision of a memorable experience for our young athletes. In this regard, Kaunas is well suited for the staging of this event as it has hosted for well over a decade a very successful Junior European Cup. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Lithuanian Judo Federation and its President for assuming responsibility for organizing this event. I have every confidence that it will be staged at the very highest level. These European Championships provide the perfect opportunity for making new friends, experiencing high level competition and perhaps, for some, taking the first steps to success on the international stage. It is my sincere hope that your visit and stay in Kaunas will be both enjoyable and rewarding." 


Friday, 30th June (Girls: -40 / -44 / -48 / -52 kg Boys: -50 / -55 / -60 / -66 kg)

09:30 Preliminaries (repechage and semi-finals)

16:00 Opening Ceremony

16:30 Final Block (medal contests)

Saturday, 1st July (Girls: -57 / -63 / -70 / +70 kg Boys: -73 / -81 / -90 / +90 kg)

09:30 Preliminaries (repechage and semi-finals)

15:45 Draw: Team Competition

16:30 Final Block (medal contests) 

Sunday, 2nd July (Team Event: Girls & Boys)

10:00 Preliminaries (repechage and semi-finals)

15:45 Closing Ceremony & Flag Handover Ceremony

16:00 Final Block (medal contests) 

*Please note this is a provisional program. The schedule of the contests may be modified according to the total number of entries.




For the first ever time, as part of the 2017 Judo Festival in Porec, the Olympic Training Camp (OTC) opened the doors for youngsters to practice with elites. This couldn’t be any handier for those who were preparing for the 2017 Cadet European Championships in Kaunas, Lithuania. We were fortunate to be able to have a chat with some of those cadets attended at the Judo Festival and had a chance to experience what is like to train with elites. Have a look at the profile of a few medal potentials for this weekend. #JudoKaunas2017







Walk To School: Talk Walk And Practice With Your Kids

Is It Safe For You Kids To Walk to School By Themselves?

image of mother and child walking to school
Walking Back From School
It is possible to get the impression that it is never safe for your children to walk to school without an armed escort these days. But there are countries in the world where it is considered most unusual if not unacceptable for a child, not to be walking to school by themselves almost as soon as they are old enough to go to school.

Newport Judo Logo - This article is about Walk To School
Stand Tall:Respect and Affect
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Based on this information there are many parents reconsidering there protectiveness of their children and trying to figure out just how they can give them more independence without increasing the risk.

If you are one of these parents then you may want to read this pdf.

There are quite a few things to consider in preparation for walking to school, beyond that usual things of which way do you go; what roads do you cross and how do you go about crossing the roads. Things like "how do you handle strangers?"; where do you go to get help if you need it?; what do you do in a emergency? and a whole bunch of other issues.

But most of all you need to practice. Teach them the rules then walk with them and reinforce the rules. Once you are sure they have mastered the rules let them walk a little ahead of you then as you are sure they a getting it linger behind them.

This is nothing to do with spying or lack of confidence in your child and everything to do with making sure they have a thorough grasp of the rules.

Not all of your concerns will be dealt with by the article but it will go a long way to getting your child to walk to school by themselves if that is what you want.


Player of the week 21.6.17

Congratulations to Harry Sancaster for being awarded Player of the Week this Wednesday. Keep up the great work Harry!

The President of Mongolian Judo Association, runs for Mongolian presidency


The president of Mongolian Judo Association, Mr. Battulga Khaltmaa is now one of three candidates of presidential election in Mongolia. The election is June 26th.


For further news, please check below link in IJF website:


Brian Jacks Masterclasses

Well known Judoka and Superstars Champion Brian Jacks is going to be in England from end of the July until the end of October promoting his new book.

He is available to teach seminars or masterclasses in Hampshire whilst he is visiting. This is a great opportunity to learn from one of Britain’s best Judo-ka.

If you are interested in Brian attending your club, he can be contacted on bjandmg2017tour@gmail.com






Child Lost While Shopping Or Any Place: What If It's mine?

Avoid the Panic of a Child Lost

Every parents nightmare is to be out and about and suddenly discover your child lost. Even though they were just beside you, they are now suddenly not. What should you do?

Newport Judo Logo - This article is about Child Lost While Shopping
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I don't care how good your supervision is, sooner or later a child in your care is going to go missing. But panic does not have to be your first response. If you have worked with the child, even for only a few minuets a week you can end up with a working system that can have them back in your care in no time flat.

How do I know this?

Because I'm a parent and I have a system and it works. You can read all about my safety tips for kids.

But not everybody will want to adopt my plan. So let me direct you to another article about avoiding the child lost scenario. This one is by Kid Power and it is called "What If I Get Lost? – Kidpower Skills to Prepare Children to Get Help".

For the parent that likes detail this is an ideal article for you. It covers:
  • Making a Safety Plan
  • What to Do If You Get Lost
  • The Backup Plan
  • Practicing How to Get Help if You Get Lost

Image of a single child's shoe on it's side: Child Lost
Lost Child
I really encourage you to make some sort of "What to do when you find your child lost" plan. In our busy lives it could be seen as just another thing that you have to do. But if you include it in your lifestyle and only talk about it as you are preparing to go out, all you need do the is re-enofrce the plan as you are walking about. It is not really that time consuming and it could save you child's life one day. Isn't that worth a little time?

Having said that let me plead with you that you read up on plans like the ones above when making your plan. I have worked with children all my working life and then some and many of the plans I hear that parents have are just ... Well shall we be kind and say that they are less than adequate. For example this is a very common one:
"I tell [child's name] that if they can't find me they should look for a policeman and they will come and find me"
Often with such a plan the carer has not even prepared the child by getting them to memorize a phone number or address, let alone considering the risks of a lost child wandering all over the place in the search for a policeman (and sometime these plan are very specific that it be a man), that may not even be on that beat, let alone on foot.

What about this plan:
"I tell [child's name] that if they can't find me they should look for the help desk and they will come and find me"
How do you know if there even is a help desk and if there is, what floor is it on. If your child is on the 5th floor and the help desk is on the first: how will they find that?

Consider also that such plans require you to have come up with a specific plan for every situation and no child can cope with so much information. Beside such plans are rarely organize in advanced, they are usually talked about whilst you are walking about. There is a very good chance that your child is not going to take that in whilst there are a heap of other distractions.

The above are real plans that I have heard from real parents. I have not made them up. If you have something similar you need to rethink your plan and come up with something better. The best way of doing that is to read the articles links above. I'm sure you will be able to use that information to come up with a really good plan so that there will be no child lost in your care.